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My name is Jozef Lemmens, but my friends call me Jef. I am 57 years old and married to Maggy. We have 2 adult children (Ilona and Kenny), who have flown the nest a few months ago. Since 1 December I am a retired fireman. We live in Wilsele, a suburb of Leuven, a small University city around 30 km North of Brussels in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

My 2 most important hobbies are rock garden plants and photography.


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I became interested in alpines about 25 years ago. I do not see myself as a gardener, rather as someone who loves beautiful flowers. The garden is approximately 900 m² big and holds perennials, shrubs and trees. Further there is also a rock garden, an alpine house and a few troughs.

My favourite plants are cushion plants like Androsaces, Dionysias and Saxifrages. I am however also interested in Daphnes, Primulas and Gesneriaceae. Actually, I like all alpines. I have the greatest pleasure in propagating plants from seeds and taking cuttings, particular from species that are not available in ordinary nurseries.

I regularly travel to mountain areas to admire these plants at their most beautiful. I have been to most of the mountain ranges in Europe, visited the Himalayas in Nepal three times and travelled to China seven times.

I am a member of the Vlaamse Rotsplanten Vereniging, the Nederlandse Rotsplanten Vereniging, the Alpine Garden Society, the Scottish Rock Garden Club, the North American Rock Garden Society and Klub Skalničkářů Praha. A few articles and photos on rock garden plants were published in magazines and books in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Japan and the United States.



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About 35 years ago I bought my first camera, being moderately interested in photography. Because of my other hobby, namely rock garden plants I began to take more photographs of those plants and their environments. At the same time I had a desire to produce better photographs, not only of mountain plants but of various subjects.

Six years ago I joined a local photography club and the hobby took up more of my leisure time. I especially enjoy nature, in all its aspects, sports and travel photography.

In early 2007 I started to participate in national exhibitions and one year later in international exhibitions. I received my first “international” medal at the PSA exhibition of 2008, (silver in the photojournalism section – Human Interest). This was the beginning of taking part in many exhibitions which resulted in more medals. I received the PPSA distinction in September 2010, the EPSA distinction in January 2012, the AFIAP distinction in March 2012, the MPSA distinction in January 2013 , EFIAP in March 2013, EFIAP/b in March 2014, GMPSA January 2015 and EFIAP/S March 2015.


Thank you so much for visiting my website.

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