Androsace World

The gallery is meant to eventually exhibit a photograph of every known species of Androsace. I have applied the George Smith and Duncan Lowe taxonomy system, set out in their “The Genus Androsace” publication. Several conclusions reached by Alarich Kress in 1997 and 1999, as a result of his detailed research into Spanish Androsaces for “Flora Iberica”, served as guidelines. Natural hybrids are listed alphabetically, but are preceded by an "X".

Any known subspecies and varieties comes together with the main species, in the way of a group.

I apologise for the slow loading of some of the photographs opening with part of the image only, but the end product might be well worth waiting for! Some thumbnails may show only a part of the full image. Please contact the Webmaster if you notice an error or if you have questions.

For the menu listing the Androsaces: go to the left side of the scroll-bar. The names of available species will appear in white. Click on the chosen species to start the viewing.

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Photographers please note: I welcome any photographs of Androsace species particularly when taken in the wild. For details on submitting your images please open the submissions page, or contact the Webmaster.